Does Chemist Warehouse Recycle Blister Packs?

December 7, 2023
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Does Chemist Warehouse Recycle Blister Packs?

Yes, Chemist Warehouse recycles blister packs at 100 stores through the Pharmacycle program.

Chemist Warehouse, a leading Australian pharmacy retailer, has made a significant stride in sustainable practices by partnering with Pharmacycle to launch a blister pack recycling initiative. This initiative, aimed at addressing the pressing issue of blister pack waste, marks a notable advancement in recycling efforts within Australia.

The Partnership: A Step Towards Sustainability

Chemist Warehouse has teamed up with Pharmacycle, a pioneer in blister pack recycling, to implement this program across Victorian stores. Launched in time for National Recycling Week 2023, this initiative represents a concerted effort to promote environmentally friendly practices​​.

Pharmacycle: Innovating in Recycling

Pharmacycle, established in 2022, stands out as the only program in Australia offering a vertically integrated, end-to-end recycling solution for blister packs. With Australian-based processing capabilities, Pharmacycle ensures that recovered materials from blister packs are reused within Australia, supporting the best outcomes for the circular economy. This approach guarantees full transparency and traceability in the recycling process​​.

Chemist Warehouse's Role

Chemist Warehouse provides customers at 100 select Victorian stores the opportunity to dispose of their empty blister packs sustainably. The pharmacy will facilitate this through branded recycling bins placed near the dispensary area, featuring both Chemist Warehouse and Pharmacycle logos. These bins will be collected by Pharmacycle on a monthly basis​​.

The Mission and Vision

Chemist Warehouse's collaboration with Pharmacycle is driven by a shared mission to recycle all blister packs across Australia. The pharmacy is dedicated to offering simple and efficient recycling solutions to its customers, promoting sustainability on a national scale. This initiative is seen as a pilot, with plans to extend the program nationwide​​.

We are committed to providing our customers around the country with simple and efficient recycling solutions, encouraging all to be as sustainable as possible. We look forward to continuing this roll out nation-wide,” Chemist Warehouse Director, Mario

Impact on the Community

This partnership is expected to make blister pack recycling more convenient and accessible for Australian communities. By addressing the challenge of blister pack waste, which cannot be recycled through standard household recycling and often contaminates recycling streams, Chemist Warehouse and Pharmacycle aim to meet rising consumer expectations and achieve better environmental outcomes​​.


Chemist Warehouse's initiative with Pharmacycle represents a significant move towards addressing the environmental impact of blister pack waste. By providing a practical and accessible recycling solution, this partnership not only meets consumer demands but also contributes to a healthier, more sustainable environment. As this program expands, it sets a precedent for other retailers and industries to follow suit in adopting responsible waste management practices.

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