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Sales Administrator

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Pharmacycle is Australia’s first and only end to end recycling program for household and commercial medicinal blister pack waste.We are now looking for an enthusiastic Sales Administrator and program manager to build on the immense success of our program launch, leading the industry with unique recycling and recovery solutions to the health and pharmacy sector.

Our vision is to create a sustainable ecosystem where every blister pack is given a new life, contributing to a healthier planet and a more responsible approach to resource utilisation. Pharmacycle is at the forefront of this mission, offering a practical, transparent, and traceable recycling solution, and we invite the community to join us in this vital endeavour.

At Pharmacycle, we are committed to revolutionising the recycling of medicinal blister packs, paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future. As the pioneer and sole comprehensive solution in Australia for recycling household and commercial medicinal blister packs, we offer a unique and vital service. Our initiative not only provides an easy and cost-free option for people to recycle these items at a growing network of pharmacies but also addresses a critical gap in recycling that many Australians have longed to see filled.

Our focus is on the innovative reuse and repurposing of these materials, ensuring that they are not only kept out of landfills but are also transformed into valuable resources.


Location: Burwood Victoria.

As our dedicated account manager for Pharmacycle, you will drive sales and take ownership of the overall service experience for our valued brands, retailers and partners for blister pack recycling. Your responsibilities will encompass a broad spectrum of tasks to maintain customer relationships, streamline sales and operations processes, bookings, order management, to ensure participation and satisfaction across all stakeholders and end user customers.

You will be the go-to person for all enquiries regarding our program, and therefore will need to gain a well-rounded understanding of the business and its processes. The role demands a keen eye for detail and the ability to manage customer interactions effectively.


  • Sales Reporting: Compile and generate sales reports, keeping track of key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure that targets are met.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Manage customer interactions, address their inquiries, and provide exceptional support to maintain strong customer relationships.
  • Order Processing: Receive and process customer orders efficiently, ensuring accuracy and compliance with established business rules and workflow procedures.
  • Sales Presentation Materials: Create, manage, and organise sales presentation materials for the sales team to effectively communicate with clients.
  • Record Maintenance: Maintain and update sales and customer records, ensuring data accuracy and timely updates. You will be responsible for keeping all customer records up to date in our CRM program.
  • Monthly Sales Reports: Compile and present monthly sales reports to evaluate performance and provide insights for decision-making.
  • Order Expedition: Collaborate with internal teams to expedite order processing and delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Administrative Support: Provide administrative support to the sales department, assisting with various tasks as requested.


  • Compliance and Customer Service: Ensure customer and program KPIs are met and that all cases conform to the required business rules, workflow, audit, and compliance requirements.
  • Issue Resolution: Effectively manage customer escalations, non-conformances, and other issues related to customer cases. Develop and implement corrective actions when necessary to resolve cases promptly.
  • Technical Support: Provide direct technical support to customers to troubleshoot product issues, diagnose problems, and prevent unnecessary product returns. Foster strong customer advocacy and product satisfaction.
  • Case Management: Oversee daily operations related to the creation and resolution of cases for unique customer programs and workflows.
  • Customer Enquiries: Research, resolve, and respond to customer inquiries, questions, and callbacks through various communication channels (chat, phone, email) in accordance with established standards, policies, procedures, and service level agreements.
  • Data Accuracy: Ensure data accuracy and maintain information and workflow tracking in NetSuite to agreed standards. Accurately maintain and close cases.
  • Expertise and Training: Provide expertise to the Customer Service team and contribute to improvements across the organisation. Attend and lead training sessions and workshops where needed.
  • Project Participation: Participate in cross-team projects that enhance the quality and efficiency of the broader Service Team.
  • Documentation: Assist in creating technical documents and training materials. Provide work direction, problem resolution, and training to other technical support personnel.
  • Knowledge Management: Ensure all work instructions, policies, and manuals are up-to-date for organisational memory, training, business continuity, and information management purposes.
  • IT Support: Escalate any IT portal and system issues/needs to the IT Development Manager with concise descriptions, actions, and examples for the escalation of "bugs" and/or "requests for assistance."

As our Sales Administrator, your keen eye for detail, exceptional problem-solving skills, and unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding customer service will be crucial to your success in this role.


  • Proven experience in a sales and account management role, preferably in the logistics and recycling or waste management industry.
  • Patient, calm and consistent approach to managing change and service schedules.
  • Strong problem-solving and decision-making abilities, thinking outside the box and testing new approaches to solving a problem or need.
  • Solid understanding of key customer service KPIs
  • Experience in driving process enhancements and implementing customer service initiatives.
  • Strong organisational skills, with the ability to prioritise tasks and manage time effectively.
  • A customer-centric mindset with a passion for delivering exceptional service and driving customer satisfaction.
  • Knowledge of logistics, circular economy principles, and waste management practices is highly desirable.

You will be instrumental in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our sales operations. As a member of our dynamic, upbeat, and cohesive team, you will contribute significantly to our growth and alignment with our program participants' enthusiasm. This role offers a delightful experience as part of an open, tight-knit group. Our leadership team is always on hand to support and share their expertise, fostering a unified approach towards achieving our vision. We pride ourselves on our informal yet rapid-paced environment and our shared passion for our work.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Pharmacycle?

Pharmacycle is Australia’s first and only end to end recycling program for household and commercial medicinal blister pack waste.

It is the quick and easy way to recycle empty medicinal blister packs. Best of all, it’s completely FREE to drop off at a participating pharmacy. You can find your nearest drop off location here.

How is Pharmacycle funded?

Pharmacycle is a voluntary recycling program, funded by participating pharmacies, industry sponsors and government organisations.

Why is Pharmacycle unique?

Pharmacycle is a complete end-to-end solution for the recycling of medicinal blister packs. Pharmacycle manages all of the collection, logistics and processing of blister packs, providing full transparency and traceability.

Using specialised recycling technology, located right here in Australia, Pharmacycle ensures that blister packs collected for recycling are actually recycled.

What happens to the blister packs after collection?

Collected blister packs are transported to our processing facility located in Sydney.

Each box or bag received at our processing facility is checked in and weighed allowing us to track and report on performance across our network of public drop off locations and participating organisations.

Once weights have been recorded, the contents of full boxes/bags are emptied onto a sorting table for a visual quality control check.

Any contamination, such as residual medication still in packaging, paperboard packaging, or non-accepted packaging is removed and managed accordingly (recycled where possible). Any residual medication that is identified is removed and placed in a sealed container, which when full is sent to an appropriately licenced facility for disposal.

The empty blister packs are then put through a series of mechanical recycling processes to separate the aluminium foil/seal from the plastic blister. The steps include shredding, grinding, air-density separation, and finally electrostatic separation.

Once separated the aluminium and plastic material is kept in bulk bags until enough material is ready to be sent to end-users.

Why do we need Pharmacycle?

When it comes to items that Australians wished they could recycle, blister packs top the list. However, as blister packs are made of different materials, including plastic and aluminium, they cannot be recycled through kerbside recycling.

This means that every year, hundreds of millions of blister packs are either sent to landfill or incorrectly placed into kerbside recycling, contaminating other materials streams.

For blister packs to be recycled, they first need to be collected in sufficient volumes to warrant the use of specialised recycling technology. Pharmacycle provides the mechanism to achieve this, making the wish to recycle blister packs a reality.

Australia's only complete blister pack recycling solution
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