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Frequently Asked Questions

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As a healthcare facility, what can I recycle through Pharmacycle

Pharmacycle accepts all medicinal blister packs except for those that have come into contact with a cytotoxic substance or which contained a Schedule 8 drug.

As a general rule, we do not accept:

Blister packs still containing medication/pharmaceuticals.

Outer cardboard packaging – however this can be recycled through your commingled recycling service if you have one!

As a healthcare facility, are there any costs involved in participating in Pharmacycle?

Yes - to cover the costs of the program, including administration, logistics, processing and reporting, we charge a service fee based on the service model and products you choose.

What types of blister packs does Pharmacycle accept?

Medicinal blister packs and medication packs/dosage administration aids that consist of a plastic blister and aluminium foil or a mixed paper aluminium foil; either as a composite or separate (single material) can be returned for recycling.

How do I organise a collection?

When you require a collection you can book online here, call our helpdesk on 1800 344 003 or email

Will I receive a report on recycling outcomes?

Yes - every collection point receives a regular performance report highlighting how much material has been collected and recycled.

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