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About Pharmacycle: Revolutionising Blister Pack Recycling

Pharmacycle is Australia’s only solution for recycling used and empty medicinal blister packs. Their make-up of materials such as plastic and aluminium makes them ineligible for kerbside recycling. Pharmacycle’s mission is to recycle every blister pack in Australia, and since its establishment in 2022, Pharmacycle has challenged the conventional approach to pharmaceutical waste management. 

Partnering with the likes of hospitals and pharmacies, there are now over 230 public drop-off points across the country. Its efforts have already diverted over 12 million blister packs from landfills, which is equivalent to 150 cubic meters of waste. 

At Pharmacycle, transparency is paramount. Once they receive the used blister packs, our state-of-the-art processing facility carefully sorts and separates the materials, achieving an impressive 100% material recovery rate. The separated aluminium and plastic are then sent to Australian manufacturers, where they are transformed into new eco-friendly products, completing the loop of the circular economy.

In an effort to encourage individuals and families to play an active role in recycling, Pharmacycle has introduced satchels and boxes made available to everyday households. By streamlining a scalable and sustainable solution for recycling pharmaceutical waste, Pharmacycle has made it easy to get everyone involved in the correct disposal of used and empty medicinal blister packs.

To make this change possible, Pharmacycle was built by leveraging the skills and expertise of three other organisations - its partners. Innovative recycling company PanelCycle, product stewardship experts The Activ Group, and pioneering corporate sustainability software company Netnada.

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