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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I trial Pharmacycle to get a better of understanding of how it works for my pharmacy and customers?

Yes - you can trial Pharmacycle by purchasing a single box. Doing so will provide you with the opportunity to better understanding generation rates and customer participation.

How do I become a collection point?

Simply fill out and submit the enquiry form above and we will get in touch to discuss product options and guide you through the registration process.

As a pharmacy, are there any costs involved in becoming a drop off location?

Yes - to cover the costs of the program, including administration, logistics, processing and reporting, we charge an all inclusive per box fee, which becomes cheaper with the more boxes you purchase.

What are the benefits of becoming a collection point?

Becoming a collection point gives you the opportunity to drive increased foot traffic at your store and grow your brand recognition for sustainability. By partnering with Pharmacycle you are also supporting us on our mission to make blister pack recycling easy for all Australians.

Do I need to be listed as a public drop-off location to participate?

No - being listed on the Find a Location function of the Pharmacycle website is optional.

As a pharmacy, what can I recycle through Pharmacycle?

You and your customers can recycle all medicinal blister packs except for those that have come into contact with a cytotoxic substance or which contained a Schedule 8 drug. You can also recycle medication packs and dosage administration aids such as Webster-pak and SureMed, but please make sure that all medication is removed first.

As a general rule, we do not accept:

Blister packs and medication packs still containing medication/pharmaceuticals.

Outer cardboard packaging – however this can be recycled through your commingled recycling service if you have one.

What types of blister packs does Pharmacycle accept?

Medicinal blister packs and medication packs/dosage administration aids that consist of a plastic blister and aluminium foil or a mixed paper aluminium foil; either as a composite or separate (single material) can be returned for recycling.

Can I recycle medication packs and dosage administration aids?

Yes - medication packs and dosage administration aids such as Webster-pak and SureMed are accepted for recycling, but please make sure that all medication is removed before depositing into a Pharmacycle collection box. Any residual medication can be dropped into a Return Unwanted Medicines container available at most pharmacies right across Australia.

What are the dimensions of the pharmacy collection receptacle?

The standard pharmacy receptacle is 28cm (w) x 28cm (d) x 76cm (h), providing for approximately 60 litres of volume to collect blister packs.

How many blister packs can the pharmacy receptacle hold?

We estimate that our standard 60L receptacle can hold between 2000-3000 blister packs (standard 10 or 12 tablet paracetamol blister pack).

How long will it take for the receptacle to be filled?

We estimate that on average it will take around 3-4 weeks for a box to be filled, however this is dependent on several factors including program awareness and participation. The more the program is promoted and marketed the quicker the box will fill.

How do I organise a collection?

When you require a collection you can book online here, call our helpdesk on 1800 344 003 or email

Will I receive a report on recycling outcomes?

Yes - every collection point receives a regular performance report highlighting how much material has been collected and recycled.

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