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Empowering Change through Advocacy

In our quest for positive transformation, we firmly hold the belief that individual voices can spark significant shifts. It is with this conviction that we emphasise the role of proactive individuals in advocating for change within pharmacy chains and prominent pharmaceutical manufacturers. By identifying instances where action falls short, we take a pivotal stride towards compelling these entities to embrace recycling initiatives and shoulder responsibility for their waste footprint.

In tandem with this, we recognise the influence of public support and advocacy directed towards councils and government bodies. Through these collective efforts, we draw vital attention to the pressing concern of blister pack waste. This spotlight, in turn, has the potential to attract essential governmental funding, fostering the creation and implementation of recycling programs similar to our own.

We firmly believe that the first step towards this transformative journey begins with a letter or email.


Get your local pharmacy on board

Introduce in-store blister pack recycling at your local pharmacy and explains the benefits of Pharmacycle


Tell manufacturers why it matters

Reminded pharmaceutical's manufacturers of the potential their brands holds to introduce more sustainable alternatives


Voice your needs to government

Promote support for Pharmacycle’s blister pack recycling programs aimed at addressing the issue of waste blister packs currently going to landfill.

The drive for change resides in individuals like yourself who are willing to raise their voices.

Effecting change isn't the sole purview of designated changemakers; rather, every individual possesses the potential to contribute to environmental betterment. Your alignment with this notion is evident. It's crucial to bear in mind that even the smallest of adjustments, such as mindful consumption, recycling efforts, and maximising reusability, collectively culminate in a noteworthy and meaningful influence.

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