Introducing the Geelong Blister Pack Recycling Trial Program!

Afonso Firmo
July 14, 2023
5 min read

We are excited to announce a new initiative in the Geelong community aimed at addressing the issue of blister pack waste. The program, spearheaded by concerned Rotary members and in collaboration with Pharmacycle, aims to provide a sustainable solution for recycling blister packs that would otherwise end up in landfill. The Geelong Blister Pack Recycling Trial Program is an exciting initiative that addresses the issue of blister pack waste in our community. With the support of the Rotary clubs of the Geelong Region, grant funding from the City of Greater Geelong, and collaboration with Pharmacycle, we have the opportunity to make a positive impact on our environment. Together, let’s recycle blister packs and pave the way for a greener and more sustainable future in Geelong.


Many pharmacies in the local Geelong region have yet to implement a blister pack recycling program. This means that these blister packs, which are commonly used for medications, are being disposed of as regular waste instead of being recycled. Recognising the potential environmental impact of this waste stream, the Rotary Clubs of the Geelong Region took action.

Grant Funding

Through their dedication and commitment, the Rotary clubs successfully applied for a City of Greater Geelong Community Environmental Sustainability Projects Grant. This grant will cover most of the costs associated with implementing the trial program, making it a financially viable and sustainable initiative.

Program Details

The Geelong Blister Pack Recycling Trial Program will involve ten pharmacies in the Geelong region. These selected pharmacies will be provided with Pharmacycle receptacles, specially designed for the collection and recycling of blister packs. With this infrastructure in place, the program aims to recycle nearly 500kg of blister packs.


By participating in the Geelong Blister Pack Recycling Trial Program, pharmacies will have the opportunity to actively contribute to the reduction of waste and promote environmental sustainability. This initiative not only benefits the local community but also sets an example for other regions to adopt similar recycling programs. By joining forces, we can create a significant positive impact on our environment and work towards a greener future.

Community Involvement

We encourage community members to support the participating pharmacies in this trial program. If you have blister packs that need to be disposed of, please consider bringing them to one of the designated pharmacies equipped with Pharmacycle receptacles. By doing so, you are directly contributing to the success of this program and helping Geelong move towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly community.

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